Recicladores de papel de Los Angeles encontraram isto num A4 amassado numa lixeira, na saída do Dolby Theater. Pedem ajuda a quem puder traduzir e esclarecer do que se trata.

“Dear friends, deara friendas and dearx friendxs,

Brazilian democracy is under attack since Pocket went to the Palace of the Higland. He and Zero One, Zero Two, Zero Three, plus Giveseas, who saw Jesus on a guava tree and now wants us not to fuck. And Live, that judgeco from Curitiba. And Guedes who say we are “Parasite”. Along with the astronaut, they took the power in a blow against the brave heart woman and put Squid in jail.

The world must know what really happens in our country, which is not what reality says. But we know. Queiroz is an orange. Zero One had many oranges, too. Alvim is a nazi and Regina needed gays to hide her fat and paint her gray hair. Tati can’t celebrate holidays with her dad because he is a nazist. 56 million nazi fascists in Brazil don’t want to see golden shower on top of newsstands nor little monkeys sticking their fingers inside the little monkey’s ass in front of them. And there is the molotov because of the gay Jesus in the Backdoor Christmas video. That’s censorship!

The secretary of education in Rondonia state wanted to recover classics of our literature, such as “My ass is not a magnet”, by Mario de Andrade. Indian lands are to be turned into new Naked Saws. Not to mention the fake stab, the old man of Havan and the zap aunties.

We need international help – from the Oscar Academy, the United Nations, the Intercept and the Pope – to remove Pocket and bring Squid back.

I want to dedicate this statue to my father and my mother and Andrade Gutierrez, for their emotional support.

Moved with one, moved with all! Nobody releases nobody’s hands! If it affects my existence, I will be the resistor! It’s blow! He not! ”

O papel amassado foi encaminhado ao FBI e à CIA, pois suspeita-se que a linguagem cifrada esconda alguma conspiração. Ainda mais que estava em fonte Comic Sans, e papel timbrado da Ursal.

5 comentários em “Discurso

  1. My Ass Is Not A Magnet, by Mario de Andrade. Nunca ri tanto na minha vida! Imagino que você deve também rir muito ao escrever estas coisas! Estou procurando um adjetivo que te defina, genial é muito pouco. São cinco e trinta da manhã, obrigada por fazer o meu dia começar desse jeito.


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